Japan~Arima hot spring~2nd day(英語)

Hi,everyone.My name is Joy.
I went to Arima hot spring which is great place in Japan!!!
EnJoY with these photo!!!

Well,from now i'm gonna write every sentence in English for foreigner user!!!
Thank u for reading my blog to all user especially foreigner at this time.
I'm not sure much about English grammer even how to spell.(gramer?gra....gra......)
Well,Never mindXD

I hope every can have fun with reading my reportage in Japan!!!

Try to tell hard and give any request what u want see in Japan or what let me to do or eat or hear or etc.etc...........

So,yah.....Welcome to my blog!!!

The first article that should be commemorated is reportage in Arima hot spring!!!!!!Yeaaaah!!!don don pafu pafu(don don pafu pafu is Japanese imitation sound.it's quite old imitation soundXD)

I'll put a link about Arima hot spring.(Actually we call hot spring Onsen so from next time i'll say Arima Onsen)

Have u got it?So this place is so traditional and famous place in Japan.

This time is second time i came to Arima and i love there SO SO MUCH!!!
I think it's a one of the best place IN THE WORLD to relax!!!!

well,anyway i recommend once to get there.

And.....ahhhh.....i have to tell u guys one bad thing.
I'm gonna sleep......z.......zz...
I haven't take sleep more then one day......zz...z

So i'm will write it later.

But i'll put some photo while u guys are waiting.
So,yes.See u tomorrow.i'll promise i'll write it.

sorry,give me some sleep.
chao chao.

P.S.Hope my dad don't watch this.haha......ha..haha.....

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