【Days in Japan】Nipponbashi and Kyoto!!!【The Tenth】

I stayed different friend's house for 2 days.
One is the friends when i was studying at middle high school in China.
And another is when i was studying at high school in Japan.

Both are my great friends.

It was so fun at staying there!!!
And also i bought the first single‐lens reflex camera which is named Kiss X4 with18-135lens made by Canon!!!

I took a lot of pictures around Demachi yanagi station in Kyoto.
That place is close from Shimogamo shrine,Kyoto cemetery,Kyoto University and my friends house.
He is studying at Kyoto Uni.

And these are all photos of Kyoto and Nipponbashi(the otaku place of Kwansai).

These are links
About Nipponbashi
About Nipponbashi(JAP)

About Soba restaurant Maru aji(丸味)
What is Soba???
Map and Info(JAP)
Address:Osaka city,Chuou area,Nippon bashi,1-20-5,Osaka south art civic hall,B1F
Phone number:06-6632-3286
Open time:11am~7pm
Close day:Sunday
住所:大阪市中央区日本橋1-20-5 大阪南美術会館 B1F 

Short review
This restaurant telling the Japanese Soul!!!It's not a big restaurant but instead they give u kindness service and good quality food. You can understand what is Japanese at here.
For sure Soba is good but u can also have good tempura.
Well,i recommend tempura soba!!that was perfect!!
Once u should go there!!!

About Kyoto
About kyoto-cemetery(ENG)

Though it was exciting days but i'm so tired.....
so i'll sleep from now!
Good night everyone and hope this article will help to understand Japan. 
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